Well, you have posture problems. Well, welcome to the club! Practically billions of Americans have issues with their posture. What exactly causes poor posture? There are many different things that can cause poor posture. Typically, the major issue with poor posture is our lifestyle. As Americans, we do not really move around much, compared to other cultures. We do not get enough exercise when we work or play. The truth is, we sit most of our lives.

Sitting alone is not what causes poor posture, but it's how we sit is what causes it. Remember those good old days, when you went to school? What did your teacher always tell you? Sit up straight! Is not that right? Why did your teacher tell you that? Well, she knew that sitting up straight plays a big role in keeping good posture. In the old days, grammar school teachers and teachers in the Catholic school system were always very strict about kids sitting up straight. In some cases, that strict nun would tap you over the shoulder with her pointer if you did not sit up straight. You know what? They may have seemed to be rough at that time, but they knew what was good for you. That's why they were so strict. Proper sitting and standing were key to having good future in adulthood.

Well, now schools are more relaxed and the teachers are not as strict anymore, so how can you have good posture? Simple. Although it's too late to get accustomed to a strict territory, like many of you older folk had back in school during those good old days, you still still correct your posture.

Here are several tips on how to improve your posture when you have poor posture. The first thing is to have a daily work out time. This is key. Many posture issues are caused by not sitting properly when we work or are at home. Even the way we sit in the car when we commute back and forth to work can affect our posture. The primary cause of poor posture, however, is obesity. Obesity can affect your post by pulling a heavy weight on your spine.

The main posture issue with obese people is due to the classic beer gut. The fact is that a large belly can be the worst thing for both your posture and your back. The weight of your belly pulls down on your middle back, causing it to cave inward. This in turn can cause nerves to pinch and pain in the middle to lower back region.

The fact is quite clear that one of the best ways how to improve your post is to exercise. Try out that mile run or that brisk walk with the dog. As far as your post is concerned, you can also do a wide variety of exercises, including sit ups to work on your abs, neck and shoulder stretch exercises to correct your upper back post. Furthermore, if your post is enough enough, you should wear a brace or some other post correction device for some periods of time when you are sitting for a long time.