On average we men spend 19 years disabled before death

On average, you women spend 14 years disabled before death

And chlorinated water can play a major part as one of those silent environmental destroyers that sneak up when we do not expect them and quietly, without any fuss, disable us.

Water Supply additives tend to deaden beneficial bacteria as well as “protect” us from disease.

Some of the potential dangers of chlorine in baths, showers, pools, and cleaning products cause skin allergies, cancer, sinus and lung problems.

Studies have proven time and time again that chlorinated water causes skin irritations and eczema, let alone internal disorders.

Aside from eczema, individuals with seborrhea, psoriasis, and acne can experience worsening of their conditions.

Most water supply author use chlorine for disinfection purposes. However, what water suppliers do not act upon, is that the chlorine hardens arteries, irritates skin, destroys body proteins, aggravates asthma and sinus conditions, allergies, and most of all, creates respiratory problems.

People who drink chlorinated water have been found to be more susceptible to rectal and bladder cancer.

How does this work?

The skin absorbs chlorine. And Chlorine is the kind of toxin that is used in swimming pools to rid bacteria. That can be just as harmful by ridding the good, life supporting bacteria as well, leaving that water lifeless!

So when you take a shower or you bathe in the chlorinated pool, your body is absorbing a lot of chlorine.

Chlorinated water destroys the vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids found in the body. It generates toxins which create free radicals.

Some tests even showed that the absorption of chlorine is far higher when an individual is taking a bath rather than simply drinking the water.

When you take a hot shower, your pores are opened, when this happens, the whole body will work similar to that of a sponge. Chlorine vapors are inhaled and absorbed by the skin and they go directly into the bloodstream.

This is much faster than drinking the water as chlorine still has to pass through other organs of the body.

Lucky for us, the ozone bubbles vaporize chlorine out of the bath quickly.

The ozone bubble baths separate chlorine from the bath water and send it into the atmosphere where you can vent the chlorine out the window, or through the vents within 30 seconds of starting up the bubble machine.