One of the biggest issues I have to deal with when patients come for therapy after they have been in pain for periods of time, is the fact that they have become so weak. This is not their fault. It is part of the absurd thought process of the medical establishment. Since the medical establishment seems to believe that the cause of pain can only be from structural abnormalities such as herniated discs, arthritis, stenosis or meniscal tears that are picked up on diagnostic tests such as x-rays or MRIs, treatment typically consistants of medicine or surgery. Since studies have proven that there is virtually no correlation between these findings and pain, the treatment protocols that are used to treat these issues does little to nothing to resolve pain. This causes the person to remain in pain for longer periods of time. Since pain inhibits the ability to function, the muscles responsible for achieving functional tasks become weaker and weaker.

In addressing the lower extremities, this can cause the person to become dependent on a cane, a walker or even worse a wheel chair. This leads to less weight bearing causing the muscles to become weaker. And all along this path, the medical establishment has no comprehension that the weakness that is developing due to their inability to properly identify the cause of pain is setting the person up for a more difficult path towards rehabilitation and a return to normal function.

I can not account for the ignorance of the medical establishment. I can simply provide you with a lot of theoretical and clinical proof that the cause of pain in most cases is muscle weakness and imbalance. If you are invested by the medical establishment utilizing the typical method of diagnosing and treating pain, they will be contributing to your deterioration and sustained loss of function. When I treat a patient and they have been quit to using a cane or walker, I have to inform them that through no fault of their own, they have moved farther away from being able to function pain free after being treated then when the pain first began because of this lack of understanding by the medical establishment.

There are no short cuts to returning to normal, pain-free function. Establish which muscles are not allowing for functional tasks to be performed without training and creating pain. Then strengthened the weakened muscles. Any delay in this process will only make strengthening the appropriate muscles harder and lead to longer dysfunction. It would be great if the medical establishment would understand this concept versus extending dysfunction by delaying the inevitable.