Tennis elbow is a damage due to excessive use of the tendons linking your bony bump at the outward of the elbow known as the epicondyle to the forearm muscles. The tendon which is most severely affected due to this is the Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis ECRB. This problem is common to people who overuse their forearm muscle. Tennis and other racket game players are sooner to suffer than this. Apart from that, this problem is found among plumbers, painters, cooks, auto workers etc.

The first symptom of tennis elbow is pain near the epicondyle of your elbow. It can be in the form of dull ache, sharp pain, stinging or throbbing. If you touch the bony area of ​​your elbow you will feel more sever pain. The soreness may extend up to the back of the palm through your fore arm. Gradually doing very simple activities using your wrist and forearm becomes harder. Very simple activities using your wrist and forearm become harder. You may feel more pain when you hold a coffee cup, shake hands, or use a pen .. The soreness spreads to your forearm and may extend up to the back of the palm.

Tennis elbow can be cured permanently by repairing the affected tendons. Medication, surgery, some simple home remedies, therapies and exercises are mainly adopted for that.

The RICE technique is recommended by many experts as a home remedy. Rest, ice, compression and elevation constituents this. You need to keep away from activities that can potentially aggravate the injury. Regular icing using an ice pack in the injured area is very essential. It is recommended to wrap the ice pack moderately using a bandage to reduce swelling and inflammation. 'Elevation' technique involves your elbow above the heart level to reduce swelling ..

If you consult a doctor, he may prescribe non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. However, this does not tie you permanently. Surgery for tennis elbow may involve making an incision, cutting the tendon or removing inflamed tissue. Infection, damage of nerve, weakness in the arm, loss of strength, blood loss, damage of blood vessel, a painful scar on the skin surface etc. may come as the possible negative consequences of this.

Some examples of tennis elbow exercises are forearm twist, wrist extension, prayer stretch, hammering etc. According to many therapists exercises are more effective than other remedies for tennis elbow. However, you need to remember that if you do wrong exercise or right exercise in a wrong way your problem may intensify. It is highly recommended to take advise from an expert for an exercise plan.