We live in a day and age of technology. Let's face it, we probably have a computer at home and we definitely work with one at work. Regardless where we are, whether at the office or at the home office, whether working on a spreadsheet or word processor at work, or surfing the net or playing games at home, we spend lots of hours in front of the computer. Along with the daily activities on the computer also comes computer posture. This basically means your posture as you sit in front of your computer. This is very important to pay attention to, because how you sit at your computer can seriously affect your posture.

What is proper post in front of your computer?
Typically, sitting in front of your computer should be much like sitting in the classroom at school. You should sit up straight with your head upright and straight. Your shoulders should be straight and back, not in front. Many people who spend long hours on the computer at work or at home tend to slouch and their shoulders tend to move frontward. This can cause some serious neck and back problems. If you ever wonder why you have a head or neck pains after sitting in front of a computer for a long time, it's probably the way you sit in front of the computer.

Other problems that poor computer posture can cause include trouble breathing, digestive problems, such as GERD or acid reflux, and even lower back pains. This can be a problem due to how you sit. Typically, most people will bend their neck and fix their heads close to the screen when sitting in front of the computer. This is very bad and you should not get into the habit of keeping your head in a forward position while working on the computer. When you hunch your head forward and you arch your neck or upper back, you will misalign it, causing shoulder pain, neck pain, and sometimes even lower back and Sciatica pain.

Because the vast majority of the nerves which travel from the brain down your spinal column, you can have many other health issues if you do not sit with good post in front of your computer. In many cases, when your back is hunched forward and your head is positioned in a forward position, you could be pushing on your lungs, causing some difficulty breathing. Furthermore, you could even disrupt the normal position of your stomach, allowing for its adversaries to regurgitate up into the esophagus. This can cause GERD, or acid reflux. Typically the first symptom of this disorder is chronic heartburn and if not treated can cause even more serious health issues, including cancer.

So what can you do to maintain good posture at the computer?
Well, you can get an ergonomic chair for the office or the home office. When you sit in your chair, you should sit up straight with your head upright. You do not lean right over the screen to be able to see enough to get your work done. If you feel some discomfort from sitting for a prolonged period of time in front of the computer, you should take some periods to get up and walk around a bit. This can also help you keep your post in good shape.

Sitting in front of the computer can be the most damaging thing for your posture. In fact, many people have ruined their posture by sitting in front of the computer and working while being in the wrong position for long periods of time.