Often times after an illness or operation you may find yourself in need of physical therapy. Whilst you are undertracking many forms of therapy you may need exercise to help build up strength within your body.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the illness or injury that triggered the need for physical therapy, you find you often can not do any strenuous exercise or any form of exercise that puts stress or strain on various parts of your body.

This puts you in a bit of a dilemma, you need to get some exercise to help yourself recuperate but you also need to be careful of the type of exercise you do in order to avoid doing yourself any damage.

One of the best forms of exercise you can get is from a recumbent bicycle. These bikes are excellent, low impact ways for you to exercise. Due to the position you sit in to use the bike it puts very little pressure on your back and your legs.

This is very good because it means you can get some exercise while you are still undergoing your therapy and get yourself back to health much quicker. Naturally, before you decide to choose to start exercising you should seek the advice of a medical professional to ensure that you are under the right form of exercise.

There are many different types of recumbent bikes that you can use. Remember that if you are in any way injured to get someone to help you assemble the bike as some of the parts can be heavy and you do not want to be injuring yourself as you are trying to make yourself better!

The Schwinn recumbent bicycle range are a very good range of recumbent bicycles that are very well made and suitable for helping you recover from illness or an operation. These bikes are very sturdy and will last you a good long time.

One of the largest benefits of the entire range is that they are essentially silent in operation which is a big benefit. This means you can watch TV, listen to music and even hold a conversation with ease while working out.

The range starts with the A20, the low end model which still has a remarkable range of features considering the price. The top of the range is the Schwinn 240 which has a much more complex computer and many more features. Whichever model you choose to buy, it will be reliable and well made, that's guaranteed.

It will take about an hour to put together your new exercise bike and then probably another ten or fifteen minutes to fiddle with the computer and adjust the seat, but once it is done you do not need to repeat it.

Some users do report that the seat can get uncomfortable after extended use but it is easily fixed with a small cushion.

All in all, you can not go wrong with the Schwinn recumbent bicycle range to help you get fit again after an operation or illness. The prices are very good and the quality and silence of operation are superb.