I was reading a magazine and came across a section devoted to the medical profession. On top, it indicated that these pages were for advertising purposes but these words were pretty small. The premise was that it appeared that doctors were answering reader's questions. One of the “readers” asked about tennis elbow. They noted that they had tennis elbow and that they had it for a while and that it was preventing them from functioning fully. They noted that they had tried all sorts of medications and even physical therapy but nothing had helped. They wanted to know if the physician could suggest something .. and the physician did: platelet therapy.

The concept was that inflammation was creating the pain at the elbow and if the physician could take platelets from the person's blood and injected them into the area where the pain was, this would help heal what ever tissue was causing the pain and then resolve the problem .

I have problems with this concept on so many levels, it is hard to know where to start. Let's start with the idea that it takes the physician to remove blood from the patient to harvest the platelets so he can inject them into the location of pain. Is it just me or does everyone else realize that the person's body already has the platelets in them. I guess the body is too stupid to realize that the platelets need to go to the area of ​​pain so it takes an outside mechanism to bring the platelets to the area of ​​pain.

Then there is the idea that the cause of pain is inflammation. Tennis elbow is a chronic condition associated with overuse of the forearm muscles. Inflammation is typically a short term process associated with an acute issue. Three components must be present to indicate that an inflammatory response is underway; pain, swelling and heat. If you check where this person's pain is, I will bet that it is not hot or swollen; just painful.

Third, by simply attempting to address the idea that an inflammatory response is occurring, there is no attempt to determine why the inflammatory response has occurred. Just the typical knee jerk reaction to a symptom.

This is revolving and severely alarming. The idea that a physician would suggest to use something like platelet therapy for a very benign issue like tennis elbow clearly presents a medical establishment willing to do anything to attempt to manipulate the lay person into doing something without the knowledge to determine when the procedure is valid or not. It goes to my promise that most of the inept practice of medicine addressing pain must be the result of ignorance, apathy, malice or a little of all.

A physician wants to use a procedure with absolutely no legitimate logic or basis of theory on an individual simply because he can. I am so saddened that people are put in a position of being so defenseless.

Do not let this happen to you. Please contact me if someone wants to perform a procedure or give you a medication that just does not seem to make sense. I can assure you that the medical establishment is not looking out for your best interests when it comes to addressing pain because they do not even know what is best for you. It seems to me that the promise is we will try this and see if they buy it and if not this we will try that. No theory, no logic. They do not need that. You are defenseless. That is why I am here; to defend you against ridiculous approaches to simple problems like this.