Most people who have not had an injury or medical condition involving weakness or paralysis have not used the services of a physical therapist. They are not aware of the wide range of therapies used and the value of being able to function pain-free at their highest level.

At the beginning of each New Year, we begin to re- examine ways to renew ourselves, to restore our level of activity, and take care of any chronic overuse injuries. We are going to get fit. Because the human body is so complex, we often do not know where to start. Most of us do not want to have surgery or depend on a long list of drugs. So, then how can we improve our present state of function without injuring our body further?

Physical therapists not only study anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, manual therapy, body mechanics, and exercise, but are educated in prevention of injury, rehabilitation of injuries and ways to restore function to the best of a person's ability. In fact, physical therapy is the only profession that is trained to do all of these.

This therapist believes that not one specific manual or movement therapy can possibly be as effective as a combination of treatment techniques used as the treatment program progresses at different stages of one's life. These methods are non-invasive and deal with the wear and tear and emotional effects on the body during one's lifetime. Being open to these different approaches will create more choices for you. Exercise, movement therapies and improved nutrition provide you with a body that is individual for you.

People who seek their own physical therapy want to have an active part in their healthcare. They want to use their minds to determine when and how much treatment they need based on how their bodies feel. They also want a professional opinion as to what types of activities that they can safely perform. When you are able to understand what you can do to have a healthy body, then you are in control of your SELF. The body is capable of healing and changing as new cells are being produced while old cells die.

With the change in focus from experiencing symptoms that are not the problem, but signs of the problem, to methods of manual therapy techniques that facilitate return to balance in the body, adaptation simply improvements. The stress of imbalance and trauma decrees and your sport, dance, yoga or tai chi practice becomes easier and lots more fun.