Strengthening your core is something that almost everyone talks about these days. And rightly so. However, not everyone knows what they are talking about. What really is your core and why is it so important?

What is Your Muscle Core?

The core of your body is a group of muscles located inside the middle of your body, between your muscles and the muscles that make up your abdomen. These muscles are thick bands of tissue that run up from the base of your pelvis to the bottom of your ribs. The muscles encircle all the organs in your abdominal region before finally attaching to the base of your spell.

Your core muscles have two basic functions. One is to bring stability to your spell, so that you can maintain a straight posture. The second purpose is to control the pressure that your abdominal cavity exerts on itself. This helps to keep your internal organs from pushing their way outside your body through herniation.

It's thanks to your core muscles, that you can lift heavy weights with a minimal chance of either damaging your organs or misaligning your spinal column. So they're pretty important.

How Does Having Core Strength Help?

Core strength is extremely important. The muscles around your core help to hold your body together. Take a look at your posture now. It is because of your core strength that you can sit upright in front of a computer. Your core strength also helps you maintain your post, instead of slumping and slouching.

Whenever you are upright, it's your core muscles that keep your upper body stable. Your core is constantly adjusting for situations such as breathing heavily, sneezing, accidently mis-stepping or having to change direction suddenly. Without strong core muscles you would simply lose balance.

Your core strength also allows you to lift heavy items, work in your backyard and put in some heavy kitchen hours. All the activities that you can think of can be improved if you improve your core strength. When you improve your core strength, you biomechanically become more efficient. This reduces muscle fatigue and makes activities much easier to complete.

When your core muscles are strong, they prevent you from developing both minor and major injuries that often occur due to an overuse of your body. They can prevent you from having herniations, disc pathologies, muscle atrophy or muscle tears, spinal misalignment and overall strain. Almost all of these conditions are related to poor posture and can be rectified through osteopathic intervention.

Can I Get a Strong Core By Performing Sit Ups?

Your core group of muscles lie deep within your abdominal muscles. This means that when you perform sit ups, the benefits of the exercise remain in the privileged layers of tissues and fail to penetrate into the layers where the core muscles are actually located. When exercising, most people can never identify if they are indeed using their core muscles. Since the movement of the core muscles is really subtle, it is tricky to tell if your workout is really exercising your core muscles. Fortunately, this becomes easier to determine with the right advice and some simple training.

Core strength is extremely important for people who are involved in sports that require a lot of balancing. These include running, swimming, dancing and skiing. There are many exercises your osteopath can recommend to help you target specific core muscles. This will improve your performance and over time your stamina.

How Can I Strengthen My Core?

You can ask your osteopath to guide you in performing exercises which are specific for you. Your personal trainer or a manual therapist can also show you the exercises you need to target your core muscles and improve your core strength.