After having gone through a dedicated physical therapy program for either a medical event such as low back surgery or stroke or an electrical surgery like knee or hip replacement, now is the time when you are discharged from physical therapy to springboard into a dedicated fitness program to not only help get you back to where you were physically but, to improve your overall fitness levels.

Transitioning from physical rehabilitation to a fitness program can be done through several methods however, getting professional advice to help smooth out the process is recommended.

Your priority level of health and fitness will determine your starting point. It is advisable that if you have any questions on how to start an effective and efficient exercise program that you seek further instructions from either you're attending Physical Therapist or a Certified Personal Trainer that has credentials in working with older adults.

Many Physical Therapy clinics today for instance, have a continuous health and fitness program that is guided by their staff that you can transfer over to after physical therapy discharge. In this way, you can be assured that you will receive clear and concise and most of all, safe exercise programs that will benefit you with regard to your overall health status.

By seeking to continue upgrade your physical progress in regards to health and fitness, you will be helping to decide your own destiny when it comes to your health. Be aware that healthcare costs today is the number one reason why individuals in this country have to file bankruptcy.

Your goal is to be sure you do not allow yourself to fall into that category by doing your part to not only improve your health and fitness as you age but, to also to be able to enjoy a better quality of life.

Too many patients that I have personally worked with feel that once their physical rehabilitation is over with that they no longer are obliged to continue with the exercise program and instructions laid out.

It is imperative that you as a patient look for ways to increase your fitness to help cut down the chances of a medical recurrence. A stronger and leaner body will assure you that not only do you feel and look better but, that you also have more energy and sleep better.

Setting a personal goal today to continue to improve your health and fitness after rehabilitation should be a goal that will not only help your personally but help financially as well.