As a massage therapist, your key to making money is by having clients come into your practice. To see a regular number of clients on a steady basis, you must have ways to get the word out about your practice, so people will be aware of what you have available. By using marketing ideas for massage therapists, you can learn what you need to do in order to get the clients rolling in. Another way of looking at massage marketing is that it is the way you let your community know that you can provide a solution to their problems. And the marketing ideas you come up with are the ways to make it possible for them to find out about you. It's really cut and dry. You must take certain steps that will ensure people will know about you and what you do.

Some great marketing ideas for massage therapists can be as simple as getting out and meeting people in your community. You can provide your own massage marketing by simply handing out your business card and / or flyer to passers-by.

Maybe you can stand in front of your practice, hand people a flyer, and tell them you are offering a discount on massages that day. Or, maybe you can offer a two for one special, meaning you can do two people at the same price.

If you live in an area where people are often stressed, you can highlight that in your literature and when you talk to people on the street. You do not have to be too expensive with your rates to start of with. Just give them a good deal.

By using such marketing ideas for massage therapists, you can be a part of that group of therapists that gets a lot of clients. Use massage marketing to your advantage. You do not have to just appear at street corners or in front of your practice. You can give a block party and invite everyone in your neighborhood. Pass out flyers to all people. Advertise in your local paper. Let people know the day and time. When they come, you can hand out your card and give them special deals.

Why not write an article for your local paper. In the article you can talk about what you do and what your practice involves. Maybe you can go into the scientific aspect of massages and end the article by suggesting people stop by to find out more about it. People will be curious. By doing this, you will soon see how quickly people will come to your location, asking for a massage. When they get one and see how great you are, they will spread the word around town. Before you know it, your reputation as a massage therapist will spread quickly. You'll begin to see many clients come into your door.