Having your knee or knees replaced is something that many Americans have to face each year. After having tried other conservative measures, there may be no other choice then to have the procedure done to alleviate the pain once and for all.

Depending on your age, your orthopedic surgeon may determine that having your prosthetic components cemented may be the best option to take. Usually you will find patients over 65 having their knee components cemented in place. Those of you who are younger may be in line for an un-cemented replacement replacement.

The advantages of a cemented knee replacement is that you can immediately bear your full bodyweight after surgery. In most cases though you are given instructions to weight bear as tolerated initially on the affected leg.

The dis-advantages of a cemented replacement is if you ever need a knee revision from either excess wear and tear on the prosthesis or an infection develops, the cement will have to be chipped away during surgery. In doing so causes some further damage to the end of the femur and top of the tibia where the components were fastened.

This is why most cement knee displacements are completed on older individuals. The physical demands that are placed on the knee are less then the youngger patient. it is generally accepted also that they will not outlive the replacement therefore it will not have to be reviewed.

You as a patient should discuss this option with your orthopedic surgeon prior to surgery so that you have an understanding what procedure the surgeon will use.

You as the patient will not be able to tell physically after the surgery what procedure was used until you start physical rehabilitation. If you are a healthy vibrant babyboomer for instance then more than likely your surgeon will choose to go with an un-cemented replacement. It can also depend on what the surgeon finds when it gets into your knee regarding your bone stock and soft tissue condition surrounding the knee.

Ask your surgeon during your consultation prior to surgery what he will recommend.