After having either a surgical procedure done or, some type of injury that the doctor feels needs some rehabilitation for you to recover properly, physical therapy is called in to evaluate and set up an appropriate treatment plan.

When you are in the hospital or a rehabilitation center the staff will set up the schedule to be sure your therapy is completed and follows doctors orders if need be. The fact that you have no place to go you are sure that you will receive and complete the proper amount of rehabilitation that will set you up hopefully for success. When you get home and if home health is requested to follow then, the playing field changes and your self discipline will be brought to the test.

Your home health physical therapist once the initial evaluation is done, will continue to follow and give you a schedule that you will need to complete if you want good results. Depending on your diagnosis generally therapy is scheduled three times a week. Your therapist should issue you a hand-out with the exercises you are scheduled to follow.

Once you get home there will be no doubt distractions that can break you away from your exercise routine. Your best bet as a patient is to schedule your exercise sessions each day at the same time if possible. Use a calendar to follow your progress and mark off each session as you complete them. Generally two times a day is all you will need. Again this will depend on your illness or diagnosis and what your therapist intends to do to see the best results.

Make sure your family, friends, or other visitors understand when you complete your assigned exercises and you must stand firm and protect this time with all you got. Find times of the day or evening when you feel your best and have the strength to work through them.

Remember you as the patient will be absolutely responsible for your rehabilitation and the type of recovery you have. It's your body no one will or can do the work for you. Make a schedule, then have the mental toughness to follow it and you will see the dividends that hard work and consistency can do for you.