Athletes generally speaking, get rid of muscle problems through clearing pains in warm up or down exercises – but in this book we also use machines to do the warm down down for us, as they add to warming down practice by being able to increase bone and immune cell growth.

This increase in immune cell growth is extremely important for the athlete, especially the athlete who gets run down easily – and the condition of the athlete is always a concern for the coach driving for a better performance.

Poor circulation of lymph and blood during the recovery phase is actually the main reason for getting athletes getting run down
I see footballers getting their cramping calves massed during finals where there is everything at stake.

It's only natural to rub the sore spots. But how professionally incompetent is that?

Here, I'll explain:

When the sciatic nerve is excessively tight, the Achilles tendon becomes tight.

When the sciatic nerve is not tight, the muscles of the leg relax. Right?

So if your thinking is really competent after I show you how to, you are going to be boosting the sciatic neuron flow across the heel with the high speed oscillation machine I use to relax the muscles of the lower back and butt.

Across the heel the sciatic nerve is most accessible. The heel is the half way point for the nerve and is the one single place that works well for relaxing the Achilles tendon through boosting neuron flow in the sciatic nerve.

I remember when I was really into training, jogging to and from the rowing club first thing in the morning and the Achilles or Calcaneal tendon was stiff as …

Naturally enough when I was a young budding athlete, I did not realize that all the muscles on the inside and outside of the pelvis caused the sciatic nerve routing to become distorted, which heightened up the calves so that sometimes I had to hobble about.

Now I can show you how to avoid tight calves and leg pain.