The cover story for Time Magazine this month is about chronic pain and where scientists believe the future for treating chronic pain is leading them.

Let's start at the beginning. They start off by identifying that pain is a primitive mechanism for identifying to the body that it is in distress. CONTRATULATIONS! The very next sentence is “But what happens when pain goes rogue, when it sends off false alarms so that all the sirens keep sounding, all the cops keep coming, all the hurts keep hurting?” These people are trying to insist that chronic pain is the result of pain signals in your body somehow deciding that they have a life of their own and they can do what they want. This is some very scary stuff. There just seems to be this lack of clarity about the fact that if you do not identify the cause of pain it will persist. It is not because the pain has taken on a life of it's own. It is not kidnapping your body. They get it in the first paragraph. It is the mechanism that allows tissues to identify to the brain that the tissue is in distress. This will continue until the distress is resolved.

RESOLUTION OF THE DISTRESS OF THE TISSUE RESOLVES THE PAIN. It can not be any clearer. If you have a kidney stone, eat bad fish or cut yourself, resolve the tissue that is in distress and the pain signal goes away.

The problem for the medical establishment is that they can not see their way to understanding that this promise still holds true even when talking about pain at the neck, back or extremity. Find the tissue creating the pain signal and resolve the distress of that tissue. The problem for the medical establishment is that their method of identifying the tissue has failed and they have called it. The American College of Physicians has set guidelines identifying that x-rays and MRIs should no longer be used to diagnose the cause of back pain because these scans find unrelated abnormalities that lead to treatments and tests that do nothing to resolve pain.

With their own method proven to be a complete failure, they are at a loss of how to establish the cause of pain. Since there has been no way to attribute the pain to a specific abnormality or structure, this led to the idea that pain is created in the spinal cord or brain. “What is pain? Defining something as varied and complex as pain continues to be a challenge for doctors, even as they try to improve their ability to treat it. have they accepted that pain is not always traceable to a physical source. ”

WHAT ???? If I pinch your arm and you scream ouch in pain, you are telling me that the pain was not created at your arm where I pinched you? Was it created at the spinal cord or brain? This is absolutely PSYCHO !!!!

Since pain is created in the spinal cord or brain based on their understanding, it appears that using masking agents such as addictive pain killers has lost its popularity. I guess all the folks becoming addicted to them and all the adolescents dying from overdosing on their parent's pain killers has put some concern into the medical establishment mindset.

So where is the future taking us in terms of treating chronic pain? MIND CONTROL! Almost, the key to having no pain is training your brain to not know that pain exists. “We need to do more than simply muffle the nervous system's false alarms so the brain and body do not hear them.

So next time you go to your doctor, ask who will be treating you; Captain Kirk or Spock? Or recognize that the pain you have been experiencing for a sustained period of time is the result of an improper initial diagnosis. A proper evaluation with a person who can identify the cause of your pain by establishing which tissue is creating the pain signal will provide the appropriate information to address the distress of the tissue and end your pain quickly and effectively.