Well, you've been keeping good posture and you do not have an exercise time to keep it. Well, you should think of getting one that can help you keep your posture. If you do not exercise your post muscles, like any other muscles, they will leak and your post will deteriorate. When your post deteriorates, you can have all kinds of different health problems. Typically, health problems related to poor posture can be your basic back and neck pains, headaches, and then you can suffer pains in your hips and legs as your Sciatica nerve is affected. What's even worse, is that your post can also affect your internal organs, especially your stomach. Your stomach can be tilted out of its right position, causing GERD or acid reflux. This is why posture is so important to maintain and correct.

There are many exercises to improve your post available and you have a wide variety to choose from. Typically, there are many different exercise regimes that train you how to correct your post and help you improve your posture. Some of these exercises include the following:

The first step is to strengthen your core. That's right, you need to have a posture that can strengthen your core. This is because good date depends on a strong core. So, what exactly is your core? Well, your core is the middle part of your body in your torso. This means that your core should have strong abdominals, shoulder muscles, and back muscles. To strengthen your core, there are several different exercises that you can do. To strengthen your abdominals, you can do the old-fashion sit ups. The best way to do sit ups is to lay your back flat on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. You then position your hands behind your head and move your torso up and down. This works the abdominal muscles and this you strengthen your abdominals and loose that beer gut, which can put a heavy weight on your spell. Other exercises to strengthen your core include stretching exercises that strengthen your neck and back muscles.

The second step is to fix your rounded shoulders. Rounded shoulders are a quite common posture deficiency among most working Americans. This is caused by slouching down in front of a computer terminal all day at work. Shoulders are usually the first to go when your post begins to deteriorate.

Correct tilted hips. This can be a serious post problem that can cause many Sciatica problems if not corrected. Not everyone has tilted hips. This is a condition that is usually caused by a condition condition known as lordosis. This is a condition caused when your spine is bowed out in an abnormal position. Some problems that can be caused with tilted hips include weakness in the hamstrings, legs, and lower back.

Retract your head if it is forward. This is one of the most common posture problems that most Americans can cause themselves. While driving, most people tend to have their head in a forward position and this can also be a likewise case when at work and you are in front your computer. Think about it. We slouch and keep our head forward most of the day. So, how can you retract your head? Well, when driving, instead of holding your head forward, try getting accustomed to sitting back and have your head lean on the headrest on the seat of your car. Likewise, in the office, when working at your computer, you want to have a slide-out tray that your keyboard can sit on and try typing while leaving back in your office chair. You can also get ergonomic desk chairs that can help you correct your posture.

Some of the above mentioned exercises are just a small variety of exercises available to help improve your posture. One thing you need to keep in mind is that learning the right exercises to improve your post and you can enjoy good confidence and health.