Posture can be a serious problem for many Americans. This is one of the reasons why exercise might be the right thing. If you look at our lifestyle, exercise is definitely something that we lack. The fact is that American society is one of the most sedentary societies in the world. Compared to Europeans and other societies in the Old Country, we do not get much exercise. Most Europeans will either walk or ride a bicycle to work. This is also the same case in the former Soviet countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus. Likewise, if you look at the Far East, they too get plenty of exercise. Many Chinese, for example ride bicycles and have special exercises in the martial arts as do the Japanese with karate, judo, tai chi, and other forms of martial arts.

What makes us different? Well, in a nutshell, we're spoiled brats. We are accredited to the easy life. We drive long distances from home to work, spend our off days ad home in the recliner watching the game, sitting long hours in front of a computer at work, etc. All we do is sit. Then we eat. We love to eat and eat good. These two things are not a good mixture for maintaining good posture. Manymore, many of us, especially in the younger generation, have forgotten or were never told to sit up straight. This is why many people suffer from bad post.

Obesity and poor posture
One of the culprits of poor posture is obesity. We're overweight. That's a big problem. Yes if you are overweight, will exercise improve your posture? Well, yes and no. You should exercise to loose weight, such as jogging, speed walking, etc. The point is that you need special exercises to improve your posture. For those of you who are overweight, you should think about doing sit ups. Sit ups are great to improve your abdominal muscles and remove that gut which you've been trying to get rid of all these years. The fact is that your gut is what can cause post problems with your middle back. All that fat that bulges out in front pulls down on your spine, bending it out of shape. This can later cause problems with your legs, knees, and lower back.

Neck and upper back issues
If you have chronic neck or upper back pain, that means that you have a large posture problems which more than probably resolved in not sitting up straight with your shoulders back. Typically, people who have problems with their cervix also suffer from rounded shoulders. This can be caused by having your head hanging forward in front of a computer screen at home or at work. Furthermore, have you ever noticed that the front seats in your car, including the driver's seat, have a headrest? The headrest is there for a reason, but we never use it. When we drive, we tend to hold our head forward, instead of resting it on the headset. This can also cause upper back problems. There are many exercises to improve your posture which are specifically for your neck and upper back.

Think about it. Your posture is very important, because, not only can you avoid back problems when you have good posture, but also other health problems as well.