Gaining excess weight will not do you any good. It opens you to various health risks like heart attack, cancer and others. That's why you should consider adapting healthier lifestyle. There are people out there who are pretty much determined to build muscle and lose fat. You can do both if you have enough discipline to pursue two important things – diet and exercise. Some may say that this is quite a clichÊ. However, those two methods of losing weight and gaining muscles are considered basic and if those things will not work for you, how sure are you that those other advanced means can help?

Diet and exercise are so-called “partners in crime”. They comprise a team. Exercises will focus more on building your muscles while the diet you are following will help you lose those annoying fats of yours. Come to think of it. If you exercise so hard but will not stick to your diet and just eat whatever you like, it's not going to work. If you just follow a diet plan, you may get a slim physique but without those fit and firm muscles that you also desire, so these two are inseparable like lovers in a honeymoon.

You know for a fact that you should exercise regularly. You can try bodyweight exercises if you have the time. Examples are push-ups, pull-ups, crunches and chin-ups, which you may already be aware of. You can also go for free weights if that's what you prefer. Have you tried Swiss ball and resistance band exercises? Those routines can also help you build muscle and lose fat.

In terms of dieting, do not go for a diet that will let you starve to death. This is a common misconception with diet plans. What your diet should include are nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. It should not include greasy and fatty food items. There are several diet plans being marketed for the past few years that are promising to build muscle and lose fat. Why do not you check with your physicist first before finding one that's right for you?