Do you know how much revenue your practice is losing because of appointment no-shows?

There are many reasons for no-shows and the reasons for your practice are not the same as the reasons for the practice down the street. Unfortunately, a universal solution to this problem does not exist. However, if you and your staff are aware of the warning signs, you'll be able to proactively prevent them from occurring and reduce the amount of no-shows in your practice.

Are you ready to get started? This information will arm you with information that you need to tackle this problem and reduce no-shows in your practice once and for all.

No-Show Warning Signs :

· Forgetfulness : Sometimes a patient simply forgers their appointment.

· Low Priority : Often, it's a question of priorities and choosing between going to an appointment or attending a personal event, like a grandson's soccer game.

· Fear of Pain : Fear that the treatment is going to be painful, or if a patient has phobias, can lead to no-shows.

· Finances : Finances can be a major factor for some patients. Some patients are in a position where it's difficult to pay their co-pay. Some patients do not have insurance or have lost their coverage.

· Frustration with Progress : If a patient feels that they're not making progress with their treatment, they can quickly become frustrated and give up on their treatment.

· Lack of Transportation : In some cases, a patient has lost their ability to drive, like after accident or serious injury, and rarely on caregivers to provide transportation.

· Bad Experience : If a patient has a bad experience, like a long wait time or dissatisfaction with their therapist, they're more likely to not show up for their next appointment.

· Embarrassment : When a patient feels embarrassed for not completing their home exercises, or any other reason, they will avoid coming in for their next appointment.

When you and your entire staff are all on board and on the lookout for these warning signs, you can stop them in their tracks before they become a problem for your practice. After you've determined the triggers for no-shows in your practice, and if you realize your scheduling system can use an overhaul, consider the benefits of physical therapy scheduling software to help you reduce no-shows in your practice.

There are many sophisticated scheduling tools out there that can help you improve your process, drastically reduce appointment no-shows and cancellations and increase profits.