Musculoskeletal injuries are quite common, particularly if you pursue an active lifestyle. Most of the renovated sports personalities have sustained major injuries at some point, which created gaps during their careers. The key to a complete and speedy recovery lies in keeping up with the practice routine without augmenting damage to the injured tissues. This is where the AlterG Treadmill may prove to be the right training equipment.

What is an AlterG Treadmill?

It is an exclusive treadmill designed to defy gravity. By maintaining a differential air pressure, the AlterG treadmill allows you to control the gravitational pull. It helps you achieve a certain level of weightlessness to make sure your injuries are cushioned against excess wear and tear. The AlterG treadmill is known to help with injury rehabilitation, enabling you to recover and reenter the competition “as soon as physically possible”.

How Does It Help With Injury Rehabilitation?

Running the treadmill is considered to be one of the most important cardiovascular exercises. It does not only help you increase your heart rate and metabolic activity, it also enables you to lose excess weight and improve overall health. It is there before an integral part of most physical training routines, irrespective of fitness motives and professional expertise.

When you run on the treadmill, your joints move to complement the motion. Repeated movements cause wear and tear of tissues in the joint. Your body weights (and gravity) play an important role in magnifying the damage to your joint tissues. If you've already succumbed to ACL, Lumbar Herniated Disc, Achilles tendon, Multiple Disc Herniation, Acute Lumbar Disc Herniation, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Sprains, Stress Fractures, Meniscus Tears, or other similar problems of the joints, you'll be at risk of damaging your tissues permanently and severely.

The AlterG treadmill works to counter the gravitational pull on your body, reducing the stress on your joints, particularly your knee joint. So while you continue to train at high speeds, you experience little discomfort. Your joints receive a kind of pillow against augmented stress, enabling you to make a complete and timely recovery without foregoing your training routine.

AlterG Treadmill As A Training Partner During Injury Rehabilitation

AlterG treadmill has proved to be the perfect training partner, even after you've sustained a sports injury. Here's how the AlterG treadmill works to train you, build your stamina, and develop your muscle strength.

• Run Longer, Recover Faster and Experience Less Pain

With the anti-gravity feature of the treadmill, you can run for longer time periods without risking damage to your joints. Consequently, you recover faster and experience less pain.

• Adjust the Intensity of Your Training Routine

The AlterG treadmill allows you to manipulate the difficulty level, so you can gradually increase the intensity of your training regime in line with your recovery.

• Minimize Chances for Damage

The musculoskeletal alignment plays a pivotal role in distributing stress throughout the body's tissues. The AlterG reduces the gravitational pull, minimizing the chance of amplified damage in case of unintentional misalignment or accident.

• Reinforce Habits

You get to remain in practice without worrying about augmenting your injuries. As a result, you are less sooner to acquire unhealthy habits during your recovery period.