Discover the secrets to a Powerful life; and why a bed has a big part to play. Would you like to be more responsive in the morning? Do you look forward to the next day? Well millions of us do not and do you want to know why this is, they are too tired, people are waking up more tired than when they went to bed. By being tired you tend to get frustrated easily.

The first thing we have to look at is are you eating healthy, commonsense is the easiest way to go about this, healthy balanced food, eat more vegetables, less carbohydrates and smaller portion, but eat more frequently and a bit of exercise. You do not need to ask anyone if you're eating healthy do you, and you need to stop buying the diet books your just wasting your money. You have control of what you eat, now try to stop eating and drink late at night, if you could have finished your last meal by 8pm it will give your stomach time to finish what it has to do, now do not drink coffee- tea etc late at night they are stimulants and you will be up going to the bathroom.

When it comes to bed time get the right temperature in the bedroom, not to hot and not too cold for you, people do not understand how important the temperature in a bedroom is for comfort. Now the darker the room the better turn of the TV and the standby button get black out blinds / curtains to help darken the room, remove any electrical gadget that will give of light or noise.

When it comes to sleeping has your bed gotten a comfortable mattress, not dips and sagging making you uncomfortable so you toss and turn during the night, if so time to change your mattress. You also need some good linen, for your bed, remember when you get into a fresh clean bed how lovely it feels again some simple tips to help you get a goodnight sleep and be perky in the morning.